Introducing our STEM Maniacs

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    1. Damian Harris
      Post author
      Damian Harris

      Two reasons:
      We want to meet all of you and we hope you would like to meet everyone else who is in STEM Mania.
      Practice using YouTube and uploading videos so you know how to do it when you need it for the new challenges coming up.

    1. Griffith Sciences
      Griffith Sciences

      Hi Pravit,
      Your video is to introduce yourself to us and the other STEM Maniacs. If you are not sure, why not have a look at the videos others have submitted for ideas.

  1. Hitta Garg
    Hitta Garg

    I have registered with the Stem under parent name.
    When we upload videos whose name do we put it under the child’s name or parents name

      1. Griffith Sciences
        Griffith Sciences

        Hi Kim
        In Getting Started, it explains to you how to make a YouTube account. You will need a YouTube account to upload your results in later challenges.
        If you go to “STEM Mania Challenges” you will see a tile titled “Introducing our STEM Maniacs”.
        Click this tile, in here, there is an opportunity for you to practice making YouTube videos.
        You will be able to see other STEM Maniacs videos as examples of what they have done.
        There are two challenges open at the moment “Griffith Green Thumbs” and “Urbanisation of Wildlife Photography”. If you click in on each of these tiles individually you will be able to see what needs to be completed to achieve your badges. You can find your badges in “Profile”.

    1. Griffith Sciences
      Griffith Sciences

      HI Sangeetha,
      If you go to “STEM Mania challenges” and into “Introducing our STEM Maniacs” it will tell you what you should put in your video.
      If you are still not sure, why not watch some of the videos that are already there, meet some of the STEM Maniacs and get some ideas.

    1. Griffith Sciences
      Griffith Sciences

      Hi Xavier,
      If you don’t want to upload stuff on your existing YouTube, or if you are not allowed YouTube that is ok. There are lots of people who don’t use YouTube for lots of reasons.
      You can still submit your video results if you want to.
      You can email [email protected] with the challenge name, your name and your suburb and we can post the video for you.