Construction Management: building the future

Kate Guest is currently studying Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours) at Griffith’s Gold Coast CampusWhen Griffith University launched the Bachelor of Construction Management in 2019, Kate knew it was the degree that she had been looking for. ‘I wanted to be more involved in every part of the construction process, so I found construction management as a new degree and 100% knew that this was what I wanted,’ she said. 


Construction is one of the fastest growing industries in Australia and Asia-Pacific and demand for construction professionals continues to expand globally. Griffith’s Bachelor of Construction Management degree is distinctive in its strong focus on IT applications and emerging technologies in the built environment. Our strong links with industry allow students to learn from construction professionals and gain a practical understanding of the latest industry trends.  

We had a chat to Kate about what she’s been up to in her studies.  

What sparked your original interest in Construction Management?

Buildings have always been my passion and after doing a year of Architecture I found that I loved every aspect of a building. I wanted to be involved from design to handover of projects. This degree is everything and more, as you learn construction concepts. 

I have always been good at design and in particular the built environment side throughout high school. Following this, my parents built a house and I was heavily involved through all phases of construction. From there I found Griffith started a new degree in Construction Management and could not pass up such an incredible degree at an amazing university. 






What are the highlights of your study at Griffith?

Interacting with real-world professionals and companies within the industry.  

“So many guest lecturers and site visits have really helped to develop a physical understanding of the courses as well as an in-depth theoretical understanding.”

The most valuable thing I have learnt is that every project is different, every site is different, and every team is different. It will truly make for a challenge throughout a project but also will make the job more exciting. 

In addition to my studies, I have been lucky to secure casual work doing building surveying once a week this year on site checking frames and finals of residential building. The onsite experience I am currently gaining has shown me that attention to detail is imperative in the construction industry in addition to good communication skills and relationships. 


How do you think what you have learnt at Griffith will help you in the workforce?

I am only halfway through my degree, but I know that what I have learnt so far are all the technique skills needed to achieve project completions. As I move through the degree more practical components are taught creating a real-world understanding to the theory previously learnt. 

I am hoping to gain a project management cadetship next year with a company I would be proud to work for. 

I am excited for the future working in the construction industry and hopefully the impact I could potentially have on it. I believe that the sky is the limit, practically with construction, therefore, my starting goal is to be a project manager on a high rise or a large development project.  

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