BIG DATA keynote with Professor Bela Stantic

BIG DATA keynote with Professor Bela Stantic

Join Professor Bela Stantic, Head of School of Information and Communication Technology, as he reveals the secrets behind his accurate predictions of the 2016 US Federal election, Brexit and the recent 2019 Australian Federal election. Predicting elections are a good testbed for Professor Stantic as the outcome and accuracy of his methods can be confirmed. Some of the methods and algorithms have been developed as part of externally funded projects such as assessing sentiments in the tourism industry or predicting environmental changes. 

This keynote speech will demonstrate the power of big data analytics through elaborating on the diverse areas of existing projects in the “Big Data and Smart Analytics Lab”. Professor Stantic will also explain how you and your business can benefit from extracting valuable information hidden within publicly available data!

WHERE: QCA Lecture Theatre and Gallery Building - S05
       South Bank Campus 
       Griffith University 
TIME:   5:30 pm – 8:00 pm Networking opportunity with canapés and drinks 

Professor Bela Stantic

bela stantic
Professor Bela Stantic

Professor Bela Stantic is the Head of School of Information and Communication Technology and founder and Director of “Big Data and Smart Analytics” Lab within the Institute of Integrated and Intelligent Systems at Griffith University. Professor Stantic is internationally recognised in the field of data analytics and efficient management of complex data structures, such as found in big data. He has been invited to give many keynote talks at highly ranked international conferences and prestigious institutions as well as editing and reviewing with many top-ranked journals. Professor Stantic successfully applied his research interdisciplinary, most prominently big data analytics to tourism, environment as well as to health domains, he has published more than 130 journals and conference peer-reviewed publications.

Professor Stantic has built an international reputation in big data analytics and recently turned media headlines after his correct prediction of the 2019 Federal election, despite all polls and bookies getting it wrong.

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