Battle of the majors: Civil Engineering

Griffith University offers students a selection of highly attractive engineering majors with proven employability prospects within a multitude of diverse career pathways. Engineering students undertake a common first year, which provides exposure to a range of different disciplines and areas to specialise in, however, when it comes to choosing a major in the second year, many students find themselves still asking, “Which major is the best for me?”

To help first years choose their major, we ask some of the senior engineering students to participate in The Battle of the Majors. It’s called a Battle as there is sometimes a little friendly rivalry between the majors, but the aim is to help students better understand where a major can lead them, and highlight some of the experiences they may have in the later years of their degree.

To begin our Battle of the Majors series, our first cab off the rank is Tehya Hethorn, a 4th-year student in the Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) /Bachelor of Environmental Science double degree, rivalling it out for her chosen engineering major – Civil Engineering.

Tehya explains the reasons why she chose civil engineering and what has been most interesting and the most challenging aspects of the degree so far.

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