Architecture Graduate story – versatility of career pathways

Meet Bryan Hortin, Bachelor of Environmental Design and Master of Urban and Environmental Planning graduate, who is now a Town Planner at the Townsville City Council.

The combination of architecture and city planning skills Bryan Hortin learned at Griffith University has given him an advantage in his role as a town planner at Townsville City Council. Bryan completed a Bachelor of Environmental Design (Architecture) and then a Master of Urban and Environmental Planning. ‘I have the confidence to converse with a wider variety of people and that is probably the main thing I have over someone else who has only done town planning,’ Bryan said.

For aspiring architects and city planners, Bryan says getting work experience is crucial. He travelled back to his own hometown to do an unpaid internship with Cairns Regional Council, which led to a full-time position with a neighbouring council. ‘The role was a good foundation for my career and set me up to do strategic planning,’ he said. Bryan also discovered that there are many career paths for students who begin their studies with architecture. ‘There are different options than the run-of-the-mill straight architecture degree and architecture job,’ he said. Listen Bryan’s story on Facebook.

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